Keeping Columbia’s Design Community Sharp

Keeping Columbia’s Design Community Sharp

Every business needs experts. And in an industry that’s constantly evolving, who teaches the experts?

Johnston Paint & Decorating is dedicated to continuing education for local interior designers. That’s why this summer Johnston Paint & Decorating held a designer brunch seminar and invited the top interior designers in the community to attend. 

Johnston’s hosted the event “to bring the design community together,” according to co-owner Melissa Murphy. “There’s a lot of energy there, [and] people are excited to all be together.” 

The new Benjamin Moore Store of the Future display at Johnston's.

The new Benjamin Moore Store of the Future display at Johnston's.

The passionate energy from the designers was palpable inside Johnston’s new Benjamin Moore Store of the Future display during the seminar. Surrounded by walls of paint chips, the designers had the perfect learning environment for a discussion of changing trends in interior design. The designers shared their experiences and pro tips as well as a tasty brunch spread. 

Johnston’s is known for bringing together professionals through learning events like the recent designer brunch. From vendors and contractors to designers and store owners, passionate professionals are always looking to learn more.

Introducing experts with different roles in interior design to one another helps designers broaden their point of view and make lasting connections in the community. Bringing vendors, contractors, and designers together to learn betters each business that these professionals touch. 

Community involvement is always top-of-mind at Johnston Paint & Decorating. Education for local designers has proved to be a rewarding way to support Columbia’s interior design community: a learning event like the designer brunch isn’t just an important learning tool for industry leaders – it’s also a lot of fun. 


Johnston’s is proud to give passionate designers a chance to expand their knowledge and build their repertoire.


Collaborating with other experts in the interior design field energizes professionals and helps propel a business towards its full potential. Providing star employees with the right tools to grow is the duty of any successful business. 

Johnston Paint & Decorating plans to have many more of these fun and educational seminars. As more design experts participate and learn from one another, the programs will become even more valuable. Thanks for keeping our experts up to date, Johnston Paint & Decorating!