Employee Spotlight: Vicki

Employee Spotlight: Vicki

Vicki Wren-Eultgen has been part of the Johnston team since August 1988.

Talk about commitment! Vicki's been such an asset throughout every step of her career.

Vicki's specialty at Johnston is color theory.

She's passionate about finding the perfect color combination for customers looking to update the look and feel of their space. 

As part of her career at Johnston as a color consultant, Vicki travels to homes to do hourly consultations; as she walks through the rooms and hallways of a home, she can get a true feel from the space. She loves speaking with homeowners to hear exactly what they want to feel.

Though she's always had a natural ability to connect with color, Vicki continued to build on her natural understanding throughout her schooling by focusing on art. 

Vicki Wren-Eultgen, color specialist at JPD!

Vicki Wren-Eultgen, color specialist at JPD!

Much of Vicki's knowledge of using color in purposeful ways comes from her years of experience with art. 

Applying color theory and guiding values to homes is a skill built through years of experience. Her knowledge of how to balance out rooms, create a desired atmosphere in a space, and even compensate off-balance colors through choices in flooring or wallpaper is learned over time. 

For example, when a homeowner with oak cabinets that are strong yellow or orange comes to Vicki saying “I want to put a beautiful deep rust color on my walls,” she knows right away that those tones will react in ways the homeowner might not expect.

Strong yellow tones combined with a strong wall color in a similar family amplify the warm effect and can become overpowering. Instead, Vicki recommends taking a look at how colors on the opposite side of the color wheel could work in the space. After speaking with the homeowner, she can help them find a great choice to compliment their walls and cabinets to create the look and feel the owner is looking for. 

In her personal life, Vicki is a mid-Missouri native who hails from Ashland.

She has two daughters, two stepdaughters, and grandkids in the Columbia area, and loves that staying local in her career means they can all live close and connect frequently.