Contractor Corner

Contractors have been the cornerstone of our business since we started in 1925. Here are some helpful resources to get you started with Johnston.

Murph in his natural habitat – on-site at a new construction.

Murph in his natural habitat – on-site at a new construction.

  • New to doing business in Columbia?
  • Working on a project in Columbia and need resources or advice?
  • Need to set up an account with Johnston?
  • Unsure what products you need for your project? 

Contact Blair Murphy (“Murph”) to get started. 

Phone: 573-489-1887


Grab a break and a snack

We realize you're on the go all day, so a spot to sit while your paint is shaking can be a welcome break. 

Come take a seat in our contractor corner as your paint shakes. Help yourself to coffee, ice and water, snacks, and an area to sit and work as you wait. Find our contractor corner adjacent to the paint counter. 


Contractor Appreciation

We love to host our contractors for a Contractor Appreciation Barbecue each spring and fall. It offers the opportunity for you to meet with some of our top vendors, get free product samples, learn about new products, and register for giveaways.

We cook burgers and brats in the spring or steak and chicken in the fall for all of our contractors.

Our next barbecue is scheduled for spring 2017.